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Forging a meteorite sword


No ratings yet. Rating Forging a meteorite sword. 3 months of making a damascus sword from a meteorite ore. Step by step creation of a […]

Joyeuse sword of Charlemagne-Louvre, Paris

10 Most Expensive Swords Sold


5/5 (1) Rating 10 very expensive swords sold in auctions. List of rare swords and cold steel weapons that became a valuable collectibles.

1840 Army NCO sword review

1840 NCO sword review


5/5 (1) Rating 1840 NCO sword review. 1840 NCO sword manufacturer comparison chart. 1840 Army NCO Civil War sword-info and history. Where to buy 1840 […]

Marto swords review

Marto Swords Review


5/5 (14) Rating Marto Swords Toledo review and rating. The best collectible swords in the market. Marto licensed movie swords, legendary history swords, Knights Templar […]

Citadel Lotus Katana Video Review


No ratings yet. Rating Citadel Lotus Katana Video Review by Matthew Jensen. Independent samurai katana sword reviews. Limited edition katana from Citadel, distributed by Hanwei.