Forging a meteorite sword

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Forging a meteorite sword. 3 months of making a damascus sword from a meteorite ore. Step by step creation of a meteorite sword.

Watch the step by step process leading to an unique folded steel sword.

Throughout history, blades have been forged from chunks of metal fallen from the skies — often smelted together with terrestrial metals, then acid-etched, creating a patterned surface reminiscent of Damascus steel. This pattern is due to the nickel content in meteoric iron, which gives it a more silvery colour and sheen than terrestrial iron; folded together, they create an effect known as pattern welding.

In fact, the oldest surviving human-made iron artefacts — 5,000-year-old beads from Gerzeh, Egypt — were made from hammered meteoric iron.

Today, modern blacksmiths are still following the tradition: a blacksmith from historical re-enactment group ASBL Lucilinburhuc created a sword incorporating a chunk of ataxite – a type of meteorite with an unusually high proportion of nickel, at least 18 percent.

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