Marto Swords Review

Marto swords review
5/5 (14)

Marto Swords Toledo review and rating. The best collectible swords in the market. Marto licensed movie swords, legendary history swords, Knights Templar and many more.

Marto is Spanish company producing te finest collectible swords. Marto Armoury is located in Toledo, the city of swords.

Marto Armoury was founded in 1961 in Toledo Spain. The factory continues in 1000 year old sword making tradition.
The Marto Swords are made of 420 stainless steel with a stunning details. The blades are etched, gold and silver plated.
The hilts, guards and pommels means an awesome symbols of history and fantasy. Many swords are decorated by a proceious metals and gems.
Marto swords are definitely the best and the most detailed decorative swords available.

Marto sword lines:

Licensed movie swords: Conan, Highlander, Xena, Hercules, Zorro, Alexander, Braveheart.

History swords: legendary swords for the famous kings, emperors and warriors (Alexander the Great, Caesar, King Solomon, Charles V, Charlemagne…).

Knights templar: complete line of Templar products.

Other Marto products: Knight order costumes, wide line of miniature swords, knight armor, collectibles and medieval jewelry.

Marto swords are simply beautiful. These swords are made of stainless steel, blades and hilts are often gold or silver plated, decorated by a beautiful motives.

Marto swords comes with a certificate. If you are a serious sword collector, avoid tons of a fake imitation and pick a Marto sword.

Where to buy Marto Swords

Marto US dealer store:





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  1. Don’t buy Marto swords from Museum Replicas (Windlass, They sell at a low prices but their “marto swords” are low quality products with less gold.
    I bought two limited edition swords from MR and i sent them back.
    Marto swords are great. I have many of them in my collection but you have to buy those made in Spain.

  2. Marto swords are not functional but display swords. You hardly find a better blades for display purpose than those from Toledo. 5 stars!

  3. I have their Conan Atlantean sword and it is definitely well made sword. It look slike marto discontinued their Conan armor line so my collection would not be completed. Any chance to renew the production?

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