Master Cutlery Swords Review

Master Cutlery swords review
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Master Cutlery Swords Review. Master Cutlery company info and sword brands: Ten Ryu, Ryumon, Fantasy Master, Z-Hunter, Dark Side Blades and more. MC sword info, steel and pricing. Customer reviews.

Master Cutlery is a large sword and knife manufacturer. The Master Cutlery swords are made in Longquan, China completed and packed in USA.

Master Cutlery sword brands:
Ten Ryu swords (former Bushido, Masahiro): samurai swords. 1045 and 1060 steel. Cheap damascus steel swords. Variable quality. Price range: $50-200
Ryumon swords: the best samurai swords in Master Cutlery family. 1060, 1095 high carbon steel, folded steel. Price range: $100-600.
Movie swords: various MC brands make a movie and TV swords like Walking dead katana, Highlander swords, 47 Ronin swords, Sucker Punch katana or Rambo knives line.

Other brands:
Fantasy master: fantasy swords, daggers, knives and weapons.
Z-Hunter: Zombie weapons (knives, axes, tomahawks, throwing weapons).
Jungle Master: machetes and knives.
Various knife brands: Elk Ridge, MTech USA, Master Collection, Dark Side Blades, Femme Fatale, Tac Force.Master Cutlery review

Master Cutlery review
Master Cutlery swords suffer by variable quality and they are more suitable as wall hangers designed for a fantasy fans than a serious weapons for a martial artists.
Ryumon is an exception. Ryumon swords are well made, often better and cheaper than Cold Steel samurai swords.


Ten Ryu Blood Dragon katana sword

Ten Ryu Blood dragon katana

Ryumon Raijin Katana sword

Ryumon Raijin Katana sword

Discount Ryumon swords for sale

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  1. I recommend to stay away of the cheap folded steel “katanas”. Fake folded steel blades are full of defects and can cause a real troubles. A good monosteel katana is much better than a cheap and defected folded sword.

  2. I have Ryumon Bamboo and Zodiac katana. Both swords are very good weapons at a good price. I agree that these blades are better than the overpriced modern Cold Steel swords.

  3. I bought Black raven katana from Master Cutlery time ago. It has a great and dark look and i like it in my fantasy collection. Price was good and i got the sword in a few days. No problem with MC swords.

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