United Cutlery Review

United Cutlery review
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United Cutlery swords and knives review, UC company history, bankruptcy info. UC product lines, prices and quality issues.

United Cutlery is about 20 years in knife business. UC bankrupted later and the company was bought by BUD-K Knives.

The company is famous by producing an affordable knives with an unique design.

UC introduced many brands as Gil Hibben, Kit Rae etc.

The most famous UC products are Lord of The Rings swords and weapons.

United Cutlery logo

UC product lines and brands:
Licensed products: Lord of The Rings and Hobbit swords, weapons and armor.
Kit Rae: fantasy display swords designed by Kit Rae (Canadian artist).
United Black: affordable low quality katana swords.
Honshu: tactical samurai swords (Katana, wakizashi, tanto), shurikens and knives.
Black legion axes.
M48: tactical weapons: kama, naginata, polearm, harpoon, knives and more.

United Cutlery quality:
UC sells low cost knives and swords. I cannot recommend their samurai swords to a serious martial artists but they have a fancy collectible display swords for fantasy fans.
United Cutlery Anduril, Glamdring, Sting and other LOTR and Hobbit weapons are must be for fantasy fans.

Where to buy United Cutlery

UC Lord of The Rings swords for sale

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  1. The original and the current UC are a two different companies. I still have the old boxed Sting sword version which was an awesome collectible item. The current quality is much worse than the years ago.

  2. Reviewer is right. There is a huge difference between various UC brands and product groups. UC so called functional swords and knives are crap but i love their LOTR and Kit Rae swords. They are just wall hangers but pretty awesome fantasy wall hangers.

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