Joyeuse sword of Charlemagne-Louvre, Paris

10 Most Expensive Swords Sold


5/5 (1) Rating 10 very expensive swords sold in auctions. List of rare swords and cold steel weapons that became a valuable collectibles.

Katana cleaning set

Katana Sword Cleaning Guide


5/5 (4) Rating Katana Sword Cleaning Guide. Sword maintenance tips and bad ideas. How to clean a Japanese samurai sword properly. Saya cleaning tips.

Hanwei 30th anniversary Musashi katana

Hanwei 30th Anniversary Katana


No ratings yet. Rating Hanwei now offers a special Musashi Folded Katana. This is a special limited edition made for Hanwei 30th anniversary.

The most expensive sword-sword of Napoleon

The Most Expensive Sword


No ratings yet. Rating The Most Expensive Sword is sword of Napoleon Bonaparte. The sword was sold for $6.5 mil.